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Freezing Weather

Reduce possible high usage due to broken pipes with the freezing weather.  Turn off irrigation systems, swamp coolers and wrap exposed pipes.

Allotment Reminder

The current allotment remains at 750 cubic feet for your first share and 150 cubic feet for all remaining shares.  Current Tier 3 Overage Charge is $6.32 per HCF.

Annual Shareholders Meeting

The Annual Shareholders Meeting of the Sheep Creek Water Company is scheduled for May 11, 2019 at 10:00am.  The meeting will be held at the Pinon Mesa Middle School Auditorium.

Tiered Water Rate

During the Regular Board of Directors Meeting of September 20, 2018, The Board of Directors voted to implement a tiered water rate.  Tier 1 remains at $0.50 per hcf within the current allotment.  Tier 2 will include an additional allotment for the Well #11 water.  Tier 2 will go into effect when the well is complete.  Tier 3 Overage Charge lowers the existing overgae from $7.40 per hcf down to $6.32 per hcf over your allotment.  Please keep all water use within your allotment.

Allotment & Overage Rate Update

Due to continued drought conditions and drops in water productions, the Board of Directors lowered the allotment and increased overage charges.  The new allotment begins after your meter is read this week.  The first share is 750 cubic feet and the remaining shares are 150 cubic feet.  The new overage charge is $7.40 per hundred cubic feet.  Please keep all water use within your allotment.


Reminder that the new allotment of 250 cubic feet of water per share after the first share is now in effect.  The first share remains at 1,000 cubic feet.

The overage charges are $3.85 per HCF over your allotment.

Please continue to conserve water, check toilets and irrigation for leaks.

Allotment Reminder

Reminder: Allotment change goes into affect begining when your meter is read in April.  1,000 cubic feet per share for the first share and 250 cubic feet for the remaining shares.

Current Overage Charge- $3.85 per HCF over allotment usage.

Allotment Update

The allotment will drop to 250 cubic feet of water per share on the remaining shares on the account. The first share will remain at 1,000 cubic feet. The allotment change will go into effect with the May 2018 billing. (Begins after your meter is read in April 2018)